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It is very apparent that the men and women that work for Tony Zack have bought into his vision of being punctual, honest, as well as hardworking while putting people first.  There has been more than one occasion where Conway Cares has had to call Tony for electric and plumbing help.  Every single time, he has sent a very professional technician EXTREMELY fast!  Even though the work was completely promptly, it was also done with superb quality!

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Harrell Hardwick and his generous crew of hardworking men and women are superstars!  They were extremely vital in helping to create a safe and solid home for Mr. Booth and his son.  There is no other way to put it...Conway Cares would NOT have been able to help Mr. Booth without the help, donations, and contributions made by Benchmark!

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Besides having the talent to make unbelievably delicious, "southern home cooked" food, Mr. Eddie also possesses a huge heart of gold!  When we fed people during the flood after Hurricane Florence, Mr. Eddie searched us out to see what he could donate food-wise out of his own pocket.  The Pickled Cucumber rose to the occasion once again when we called asking for food for a rather large and needy family.  Again, he donated this food out of the kindness of his heart.  We are also happy to announce that Mr. Eddie and The Pickled Cucumber are partnering with this holiday season in a secretive, but extremely impactful way! 

So, if you are in, or just passing through, Conway, please stop by to see Mr. Eddie, his wonderful staff, and have some great food!

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CCU's amazing theatre department, as well as their student actors and behind-the-scenes personnel, gave up one of their Saturday nights to produce a free performance of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" at the Horry County Memorial Museum in downtown Conway. Those who were in attendance were not just theatre enthusiasts...they were also very generous donors to our foundation! It was a great show where Conway Cares was also able to promote our cause, as well as forge strong, enduring relationships.

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The GriffStrong Foundation is a local foundation that was created in 2017 to rally behind a fellow Conwayite, Tom Griffin, who was battling and defeating cancer. His friends created the golf tournament to help Griff with his medical bills. This year, Conway Cares was extremely lucky to be included in the golf tournament. The men and women behind GriffStrong, as well as the awesome people at Shaftesbury Glen Golf & Fish Club, put on a well-organized, productive tournament where money was raised to continue to support those currently fighting and beating cancer, as well as the Conway Cares' beneficiaries.